About Our Competitive Prices

Every now and again people call to ask us why Olé offers Spanish courses for comparatively little money. They wonder if they will receive better teaching and learn Spanish quicker if they decide for a bigger and more expensive school. Assuming that there are a many people out there who do not call us we would like to give a brief explanation in order to prevent misunderstandings.

Olé delivers the same quality of teaching than any of the larger, more expensive Spanish schools:
When Rosa Ribas, co-founder and headteacher, decided to start Olé Barcelona in 2005 she could count on many years of teaching experience in big corporate schools. When she began managing her own school, her aim was to build a team of highly-qualified, dedicated, and enthusiastic teachers who see teaching Spanish as more than just a job that pays the rent. The teachers who teach at Olé Languages today pursue teaching as their vocation and have made a conscious decision to work in a smaller school were the atmosphere is more personal and they have more possibilities to interact with the students. Another commonly held assumption is that an inexpensive school cuts costs by increasing the size of the study groups. However, at Olé the contrary holds true: With a maximum of nive people per class the groups are smaller than in most other schools.

The price difference originates elsewhere:
First, Olé Barcelona does not work with language agencies that are paid up to 25% of the course price but finds its students directly, either through word of mouth or via the Internet. And second, Olé Barcelona manages with a small but efficient administration instead of maintaining a large administrative apparatus.

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